Thursday, May 12

To my little ones...

This is a letter to my little cats. They ran away when we moved. I know they can't read this and they can't understand me either but it's good to release.

meow meow meow

My dear little Catties,

I'm missing you already. You are my anti-stress remedy. I love you guys so much even if you don't love me back. I always worry when you are not home by sundown. When it rains, I can't help but look out to check if you're not wet. My heart breaks when you cry. I give you baths and treats occasionally because it's good for you. Nobody else has the patience to bury your bombs and fill your water trays. I've spoilt you all so much only because I love you.
You may ask why I do this. I did it for love. I'm satisfied when you are lazily lounging about. I'm contented at seeing your fat faces. I melt when you run to me all the time and rub your bodies agaists my feet and beg for a headscratch. You're so cute!
I'm not going to experience that again. I may never see you guys either but I still love you. My experience with all of you is feeling the divine within us all. God loves us all and sometimes, we don't show him that we appreciate him. Perhaps I love you guys because he just does love us. Unconditionally.
Take care. I hope you have a nice new home and food to eat.Remember, I will always keep you in my heart.
Your serogate mother.

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