Thursday, April 28

Chronicles of the Newly Moved

It's day three in the house but i went back to 17 Rome just to finish the internet and tell everyone about the move. We are ok. Things are 90% here but there are still some at 17 Rome like chairs and more clothes.
By the way, yesterday, Pat and Jade packed their toothbrush. You can guess what they did. Nothing. They didn't brush. They didn't even take a bath the first day. I was smart enough to bring a bucket and fill it up. I also had to bring toothbrush and toothpaste.
My room is looking alright. With two beds and a DMC drawer, it needs a cabinet. I have no place to put clothes. At least the wall size poster of Harry Potter gives life and decoration to the white walls. The bathroom is where I put Serius Black and Hermione and a small bookshelf. I'm going to put a rug and pillows there for a mini lounge.
Today we are packing and hauling more stuffs. Hopefully we'll be able to finish.

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micketymoc said...

What! Walang housewarming?

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