Monday, May 16

Smallest Among the Big

Making me feel thin...

Eversince working in Bebe Garments, Big Closet Division, I feel, so...
"thin" perhaps is the term?
Thier sizes in Big Closet ranges from L to 3XL. It huge, mind you. L is too big for me. You can imagine me drawing fat people and thinking of a design that will flatter their bodies and give them shape. It's not easy beacuse I'm not a biggy after all. I'm an "In-betweener", too big for normal but too small for biggy.
It's been a blast. I've been making so much drawings and having them approved. One out of ten makes it to sample and out of the sample, the clients pick. One designs, having basic T-shirt style and Raglan sleeve got rejected. The clients didn't like it. I ahve to fit in to their standards which was simple and down right plain.
I guess the world is not ready for my putrageous change. The pattern maker who is also the sample maker can already cry because of my complicated instructions. The owner has to like it too.
I'm not paid for all these. I do it for experience. I did learn a lot. I learned that Robinsons is so Bureaucratic. Too much go here and go there, do this first before that. It's tough to just get a rack in the mall. Landmark seems to have no problems. We are consignment based.
Alright, so I have to simplify my designs. I have to start making and have a collection every ten days to one clients, one collection every month for Landmark and Robinsons and if Panama pushes through, also every month. This is tought work. I have to make a hundred drawings a week. Oh well, life. It's fun and challenging.
Soon, I shall be a manufacturer too. I shall be in this trade and run my own factory.
Just wait for me, world!

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