Saturday, June 6

The Flood This Year

First flood of the year and we were ready for it.
Still, each year, the house gets the damage. Plus it costs more in Zonrox and Lysol.

Poor kitties. It started to flood outside. The kitties were stuck in the window. By the time I had spare time, it was already flooding in the house. The baby kitties were in the shitty waters. Their little noses up but soon, they were going to drown. They were too small to understand flood. They didn't even mind the water. I got Burberry and put her on my shoulder as I scooped the two baby kitten. Then, I had to put then in the garage where they muddied up my box of tela.
Ok, Next cat. When I went back out, Muning got excited and jumped in to the water. Ay baby! Yucky waters! I really had to wade to get him. Good thing he rushed to the safety of the house as fast as he could.
Next cat, Mommy Blindy. She was tricky. I had to wade deeper to get her.
Domino was better. All I had to do was stick Burberry out of the door and Domino ran to her. Then I got her and put them all in the garage. Whew!
If I didn't love my kitties!

Got me thinking of Alonzo.
There was a time he stayed upstairs, quiet as ever until the next day. The next two years, when the flood happened, he just seem to disappear. I'd see him again when the water subsided. He brought Peppi with him.
But now, there is no Alonzo.
Peppi is outside the door beside Alonzo's grave.
I have no idea what Alonzo told him before he passed but it seemed Peppi hasn't left the front. Not for flood. He must miss him too. I do.
Peppi is loyal to his step-father. They have a strange relationship but it was genuine. I could tell.
Peppi misses him.
I miss him.

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