Sunday, August 31

Proffesional Gate Crashers

What do we know of such people?
We think they are people we know and we didn't bother to invite them then they just show up at your party/wedding.
Nope, there's really an art to it.
I went to a laureate for lunch. Sort of a family reunion with friends and relatives. There are over 200 guests and half of them don't know they are related. We attend this to know we are related. This family association can be dated back to our pre-colonial China days.
Anyways, there was this old lady in our table. She's wearing a dress like you buy it in a tiange and a suit jacket. When the food was being served one at a time, she started to horde the meat and canned soft drink.
Note: A table seat twelve and one dish is being served one at a time in a typical Laureate.
Alright, we though, bad table manners-much! She horded so much meat when we all took small quantities only. Then, she scooped them in plastic bag.
I hate to be related to this woman!
Then, when the last of the dessert came, she went off from table to table taking left-overs.
Normally, the managers don't mind. But you'd never know if food is the only thing she takes. What if she took your cellphone?
We later learned she is a pro-gate crasher. With more than 200 guests, its hard to spot them and they are not usually alone.
According to stories shared: a couple of pro gate crashers had IDs of Media on them. No kid! These are pros. They come to eat and take home some food.
The nerve!
Note: the host pays at least 1,000 pesos per person. Each guest is usually counted. Extra drinks have extra charge!
So, party hosts beware! Be aware of these people and see if you have these people in your party. They may dress the part but they don't have good table manners!

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