Friday, August 29

Busy, busy

Toycon last June was a success. I had a problem then, a great problem. Diki said it's a good problem, the type that you must always wish for if you ever had a problem: Running out of stocks.

Cool problem indeed!

So, I am now preparing to make more. Tons more. I'm gonna make a ton of things to sell. If they click, yey me! I want to have the same problems last time: Running out of stocks to sell.

I earned 900 pesos in terms of chockers alone. Then, Me, AKi and Diki ran out of hats to sell too. We didn't think they'd sell. So, I am tasked to make hundreds! In different colors this time!

See picture here:

Little Muning is keeping me company.

Actually, he's making gulo! He's after my ribbons. He's lying down on it too.

So now, I'm busy-busy. Making hats. Making bonnets. Chasing kitties.

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