Tuesday, August 12

Lover Enshrined

A Mansion full of emotional vampires!

The sixth book for JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

Phury has accepted to be Primale. Meaning: He has to ensure the race by impregnating 40 females form the Scribe Virgin's Chosen. Unfortunately, he's falling in love with one of them and he. Throughout the book, he battled drug and alcohol addiction and a strange inner voice pulling him to destruction.
In the mean time, the other brotherhood members have their own battles to fight. The Glymera is being massacred, Wrath is having problems ruling, Zsadist in fearful of Bella's pregnancy and John Mathews is not comfortable in his transition. Outside of the brotherhood, things are also chaotic. Rhevenge is being blackmailed. Haver's Clinic is hit by the Lessening Society.
Will they all pull through?

Who would have known emotional vampires could be fun and romantic? The main characters are given depth and each one is tested. Unfortunately, not all characters are featured. I felt there wasn't much on Butch, Vishious and Rhage. Guess, these three didn't have that much of an impact on Phury as Wrath, Zsadist and Rhevenge.
John's story is very much part of the problem. His friends are there to protect him and he is there for them. Slowly he grows up emotionally but it is in steps.
Ward's Series is a must collect. It's not-your-usual vampire series.

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