Monday, July 28

SONA Fashion Show

Instead of being a solemn occasion, the SONA '08 became a fashion show.

Is there anything worth addressing? The Text message to go down to fifty cents. So?
"Texting is a way of life." --PGMA.
So what? Rice is more important than Text. How much would rice be?

Things that have to be addressed are:
  • Poverty
  • Population Control
  • Rice Crisis
  • Gas Price Increase
  • Corruption
  • Red Taping and "Lagay" system
  • The environment
  • Efficient Transportation
So, instead of showing off those designer outfits, you should sell it and give the money to a legitimate NGO. 100,000.00 goes a long, long way. Even if the designer is your friend.
That red carpet show in the SONA was just disgusting. All those people showing-of should be ashamed of themselves.
While the country is in a crisis, these people parade around like clowns. Don’t they know where the money comes from?
(Sounds very Maria Antoinette-ish? Then, the crisis might explode and shake this country very soon.)

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