Wednesday, July 23

Cost Cutting Much!

For those who have not been flying recently, here's the thing:
Read and read well.

As seen on papers, Cebu Pacific has been cutting price. Yey for us. Right?
Here's the catch:
  • No food, no drinks, no blankets, no emergency oxygen.
  • Food and drinks must be purchased. a C2 350ml for 50.00!!! 500ml for 100.00. Pack of peanuts or chips for 50.00. No kid! You can't bring drinks in the plane. Drink your own laway! You can bring your own food. Being your own blanket too. If you have heart/lung problems, you can't bring your own oxygen. Ride a boat if you dare!
  • Small plane, squeeze much chairs.
  • Oh yeah, best one yet: You don't go through the tube to get in the plane. You have to exit through the fire exit, go out in the heat/rain and run to the plane which is beside the tube. But they can't use it. One of the land stewardess said it cost 35,000.00 to just use the tube. Talk about cost cut much.
So, tips:
  1. Eat ahead of time.
  2. Bring your own blanket and knick knacks
  3. wear comfy clothes and shoes. You can freshen up in the CR when you get down.
  4. Oh, make sure you don't cry when your luggage gets battered. Or whatever is in there for that matter.
No kid! Witnessed it myself! They throw your luggage from the carty thing. If you have that fragile thing on your luggage, they will put it on top but that doesn't stop them from dropping it. These carriers won't care. Don't worry, I haven't lost the whole luggage but I've lost two wheels and the strolly thing at the back. Three luggages in a year!
I know you Cebu Pacific guys are cutting cost! But it doesn't take much to take care of the luggage. It won't cost anything!


Marie said...

Additional tip:
Use canvas luggage, not the plastic ones that break when you drop them. Preferably the ones that look like duffel bags with wheels.

Maita said...

But the legs are still plastic!

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