Monday, July 21

Davao and Food... Again

I was in Davao the whole week!
Yup, the city where food is always good!
I've learned that Harana's prices went up. So, we went in front instead to Cubyertos, along Torres. Chicken Salad is a must! Can't get enough. Ate it twice and took out a third time.
Rising prices? In a budget?
Go eat Chinese! There's this place called Mandarin. Food=SULIT! Order anything. Eat everything!!!
Makes me fat. Food and lots of choices!

Yesterday, we went to Torril. Lechon on the road and picnic in Campo Agua. Picnics are good. You can't do that in polluted Manila. Air is still clean in Davao and food is still prepared with love.

Must eat snacks:
  • Eclairs form Boulangerie, Victoria Plaza
  • Merco Jelly Roll or Plain Chiffon Cake
  • Chocolate Cake and Cathedral from Cecil's
  • Chicharon with Pinakurat Vinegar
  • Peanuts from the Streets
  • Bola-Bola Siopao from Famous
  • Durian Tarts/Candy/Pie

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