Tuesday, December 4

Silent Weapon

This is a very interesting read I had. It's by Debra Webb. i got it from Booksale (as usual) and it turns out pretty good.
The main character of the story got deaf at age 27. Her Fiance walked out of her and the school where she worked for gave her a pension and asked her to leave.
What a life! So she decides to get one. She studied sign language and lip reading and got herself a job at the police as a file clerk for cold cases. Some of the cases, she actually thought she could solve and so she started being an amateur sleuth.
Impressed by her abilities, the police chief asked her to be an undercover agent. Nobody would suspect a deaf cleaning lady, right?
In the house of the richest criminal in town, she had to watch her own back and her own heart.
When she thought nobody would like her anymore because she's deaf, she finds herself in a sort of love triangle between the detective she works with and the body guard of Mr. Criminal.
I actually like the way she wanted to be independent. What ticks me is how people treats her like an invalid. Her fiance, the school, the detective at first, and the people she works with. this makes her more than ever determined to prove herself as a Silent Weapon.

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