Monday, December 3

Lone Rider Bodyguard

My newest set of reads are the old thin paperbacks of Harlequin Mills & Boon. I bought three. They were pretty inexpensive in Booksale. I thought to see these mass market reads.

I just finished Harper Allen's Lone Rider Bodyguard(2004). Cowboyish, modern and set in the desserts of New Mexico.
It's an ok read. Not bad. i was expecting something cheezy. Yeah, the hero of the story is too pumped-up full of male ego. He becomes a hero 4 times and keeps denying it. He has an aversion to marriage and had a bad boy past. The girl is the sweet, country, church-raised girl that can't take the bed without marriage.
Intriguing. three out of five stars on my ratings. It's a light read.

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