Monday, December 3

Anticipating Davao and Drama

Davao, here I come. in 2 weeks time, I'll be there vacationing.
Am I really that excited? It's nice to go home but going home has its price. i have to make numerous courtesy call and sleep over here and there. I do like living with nanay. She's one cool ganny-MaMa!
On the other side of the family, well... I love them and lets put it at that.
You see in my mama's side of the family, there may be lots of drama but they love to laugh about it. Popz side, tend to dwell on the drama. They live in it instead of be detached from it and laugh about it incessantly, however insane a problem is.
Home is where the drama is.
Aki said that writers need dramas in their lives. That's why famous writers have messy divorces, broken families, unaccepted gayness and the likes. Well, can't I get other's drama? I may not have the dramatic lifestyle but i do have ideas.
If literature is the reflection of reality, then I have a different reality to project. Fun and hilarious dramas. I want to write about the culture, people, life, history, insanity and petty nothings that amount to "ordinary" lives. Reflection o life through literature does not mean I have to have poverty, prostitution and politics. Can't there be award winning materials that don't have any of these?
Well, here to Davao and my inspiration to writing!
I have not joined NaNoWriMo but i may just write and read away my month in Davao!

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