Sunday, October 9

Aurum Est Potestas

Meet Artemis Fowl, criminal Mastermind since age twelve. What do you do when you have the highest IQ recorded in all Europe. This Irlandskii boy has many enemies on his tail. Also, loyal friends.
But who is Artemis Fowl?
Gold is power. That's the family motto he abides by. For generations now, the Fowls have been involved in illegal dealings though none proven. Our young Artemis Fowl II is not about to break family taditions. Not even after his father, Artemis Fowl Senior, vows a straight life for him and his family.
Not Artemis. The more dangerous the escapade, the more he feels up to the challenge.
He has 12 patented chess moves. He forged and auction a Van Gogh, Diary of Leonardo Da Vinci and others. What else can a genius do? Oh yeah! Write a psychology book.
He calls himself Artemis the hunter, after the Greek goddess of hunting. once in a while, as he claims, a mortal is fit enough to bear the name of Artemis and that, my dear friends, is our young Master Fowl. He hunsts for thrill and possible victims.
Gold is power and power is what he looks for. Not to mention every time he blackmails, he gets gold in ransom. That's our young Artemis Fowl.
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