Monday, October 10

Heroes Aging on Stone?
Are the heroes vanishing? On their pedestal of stone, are they crumbling?
In our hearts, are they disappearing?
We had a school project to go to Caloocan last Saturday. I got some pictures form my digicam. Are these sites still worth seeing?
Now I examne in me if these heroes really died for something. I remember I wrote in my first novel(which got deleted) something one of the Characters said:
"Heroes dying, they get praising.
In the end, they died for nothing."
Did they?
What they did? The selfless act, the fighting, the dying... Are we proud to be called as Filipinos? Rizal and Binofacio, would they be proud of us?
We who patronize other countries? We who oppress the least of our brothers and sisters?
We who has forgotten our heritage?
And the ones in power? We who place them where they are, can we be proud of leaders who bring shame to our country?
The heroes have aged in our minds. We never even bothered to give birth to new ones. The heroes have aged in our hearts. They fade in the stone pedestal, they fade in our lives.


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