Monday, December 6

The Feet of Squalid

Pat, my everlasting source of blog topics.

Ok, here it is. This’ll crack ya.
I was lazing around last night when Pat looked at the soles of his feet. Take note, he just got out of the showers. His feet were so dirty, they were literally black.
“Pat! Paano ka naligo?!!!” I exclaimed.
“I can’t remember where I got this.” He said. “I think it was something I stepped on yesterday.”

Oh my God, Pat! Yesterday pa yun. Midnight na of the next day nandyan pa tin yang dumi sa paa mo.


Sometimes, I have no idea what to do to him. He has the grossest feet in the world and he even admits it. He’s scared of going to baths. His “bath” takes him only 60 seconds and counting. What on earth does he do in the bathroom?
I do know!
I accidentally opened the bathroom once and saw him “taking a bath.” That’s what he gets for not locking the door. He was on the cry tiles leaning over the shower area with a tabo of water under him. He scoops some water and sprinkles it on his face and arms. Some on his hair so it’ll look wet. For soap, he passes his hands on the soap and wipes it on his face and arms then wash off with just a sprinkle of water. Total usage of water= 2 cups or less. Man! How can he bare that!
I give him a bath and he doesn’t want his back wet. What kind of bath *x*?I can give the cats bath and it’s easier that Pat, mind you. I just can’t understand him. Sure it saves water but hello! Long term effects: pimply face, moldy feet, disgusting skin! How’re you gonna get a girl, Pat?

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