Saturday, August 8

Lord, take care of me...

I was counting what i have and balancing what my accounts have. Man, I don't have enough. So, I decided to bring cup noodles to HK since I really didn't have budget.

So, I prayed it was enough. HK$1,000, hopefully it was enough. Then, I decided to clean up my drawers. I haven't since the flood so it was high time i did.

Oh, look. I forgot about this pile. It was my Honor Medals and Mother Marie Eugenie Medal. Then under was St. Benilde and St. La Salle Certificates. In between all of them fell Php3,700.00 a one dollar bill and three old ten peso bills. Thank you Jesus! Thank You St. Benilde, Las Salle and Marie Eugenie!

Now I have extra for HK!

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