Saturday, August 22

HK Trip

I'm back! Yes, another travelogue!
We sistahs promised each other we would have one local trip and one international trip once a year. This is our international trip of the year!
Hong Kong and Macau!

We stayed at a clean but strange sort of Hostel in the heart of Cuaseway Bay. When you get down from the building, you are beside Stefanel, Armani and DKNY.
Read more to see tips and tricks in a five day HK trip!

Time Square! We were surrounded by malls, shops and brands!
There's Sogo, Watsons, WTC, Laforet, Timesquare and Fashion Walk!
Yeah, there brands and brand all over. it's something I noticed. HK fashion Designers are not as well known. i tried to find some local brands but all I see int he local mags are international brands.
If you don't want to spend that much in shopping, go to the bazaars. There are lots of them all over. Each station has it's own. Cuaseway has a few. Central has a lot. For cheap market, go to Tsim Sha Tsui.
If you want brands concentrated in one area, go to Macaua Four Seasons and Venetian. Fashion Walk and LCX and other Japanese fashion centers are located in Causeway Bay.
They have it all!

Yes, Japanese fashion is quite popular. Laforet and Sogo are close to each other here.
Beware: Hongers tend to discriminate Minalanders.

Food! Their cheap food might not convert well in our money value but let me tell you, it is so good! The food in the street is nothing you can eat in our street. Hongers have a different taste in fashion and food. Here we ate in the night market street where ever six o'clock, it is lined with tables and food is served hot. Yummy!
Caution! Not for the sensitive tunny for it may seem a little unsanitary.
Don't worry, I didn't get sick!
Disney Disney Disney!
Man, I felt like a kid!
I ate and ate and ate, rode rides, bought some souvenirs, ate again, drank this, ice cream there. Oh, yeah, ate and took home some Disney food to the hostel.
Hongers don't clap much after every performance. Disney staff who are Hongers don't smile much either. It mgiht be a cultural thing. Don't be offended. You can smile all you want. Hey, it's Disney land!
Yeah, people might say HK Disneyland is small but Disney is Disney. It won't disappoint.
Bring about HK$500 with you. That would cover food, beverages and souvenirs. Price range for drink is $20. If you go inside a fastfood area it can be only $18. If you buy it in the street cart, it can cost up to $24. Food price is about $40 to $60 per meal. Snack like the burger meal at Orbit Cafe is $56 with drink. Orbit is the cheapest so far.
The Mickey Tiramisu from Maxim Bakery is only $22.
Souvenir key chain or candies might cost about $50. Stuffed toys are about $200.
FWI: There is a HK Disneyland store in the Airport. It is cheaper because it is tax free but not all goods are available. Buy your goodies in Main Street. it's the most complete. If you want buzz Light year goods, buy it in Tomorrow Land.
Tip: Bring umbrella, extra shirt and comfy shoes/slippers.

The Venetian Macau
We had one day of Macau via Cotaijet. Ticket costs about $134 going and $170 coming back. Last jet leaves Macau at 11:30pm. Buss is free going to Venetian.
Don't worry about converting to Pataca(Macau Money). You can pay in HK$ but expect some change in Pataca.
The whole day, we spent it at the Venetian. there is so much to do. They have a food court if you find restuarants expensive. Food is about $50 to $90 per person. Serving is big so three people can share two orders. There is a wide choice of Aisan food and two western restaurants.
The venetian has twoo floors of stores. Everything is high end brand stores like Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Bvlgari, etc. it was sale the time we went there.
Don't worry about entertainment. There have 3 canals where you may ride the gondola. Hey, it's venice. The wall facade immitates the old Venice world. There are lamp posts and shuttered windows. Most of them are just decoration.
The highlight of the Venetian is the street performers. They call it Streetmosphere. There are mimes, jugglers, stilk walkers, musicians, living statues and singers.
You'll never get bored!
To crown it all off, there is Zaia, the Cirque du Soliel performance only at the venetian. Licket is a little pricy. Get ehn at a travel anget's to get discount. Buy ahead of time. It's worth seeing! Show starts at eight. Ends at nine thirty. Buy some souvenirs if you wnat or just browse through their souvenir shop. They, you may take the bus back to the ferry port and go home. Passport ready!
Caution: Do not buy ticket from individauls selling you tickets outside teh ferry terminal. Go inside the terminal and buy it inside. Don't beleive the sellers who sell it for $100. It mgiht be fake. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. You need to show your Passport to buy.

This is a fascinating restaurant. I found out about it on our last night. I instantly announce we had to eat there.
Since we were already full from dinner, Achi Terry, Diki and I decided to get some poopie ice cream.
Yes, they serve it in a toilet bowl. Price of ice cream is about $45 each. It it big and you may have to share with someone and not even finish it. Drink is about $29. You may want to share this as well. Service is good. They charge 12% service charge.
There are two branches: Cuaseway Bay and Mongkok. We ate at Causeway Bay. It is at the 4th floor of Watsons. There may not be signs but you may ask people.

All in all, our HK trip was wonderful. A bit tiring but owrth it.
Caution: Culture Shock everyone. They may seem a little rude but that's just everyday for Hongers. When eating, they suddenly take your plate away, it's aqueue to get out. For them, it's eat then skidadle. They don't talk after eating or make friend with the next table.
Tips: Wear comfy shoes. Train rides are fast but you be standing a lot then running around the station can make your legs big. Oh, if you can, ride the tram wherever you can. If you ride the front of the second floor, you get a panaoramic view of the city. also, it is cheap. It consts only $2 any where.
Leave the hotel 3 hours before departure time. They won't let yuo in 1 hour before departure. It takes 1 hour to get tot he airport since it's in another island. It takes 1 hour to find your way around to check-in and then you wait int he pre-departure area for 1 hour. Lots to eat and lots of shops to see. It is a little pricey. Go to the thrid floor. Burger King is probably the cheapest meal to eat. Go buy a Ben & Jerry's. It's worth it. A scoop is $30 each. Yummy. I tried 3 flavors. We so stuffed by the time we borded.

Good luck travelers!
Hope this way insightful!
If you have comments and additional info, please comment!

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