Monday, April 20

Donsol: Our Vacation in a World of Giants 2

Donsol, still Day 1

From Legazpi terminal to Donsol Terminal, it takes 1.25 hours give or take 10 mins. It is 65.00 per person. Give an extra 25 and they will drop you in the resort where you are staying.
We stayed at Amor Beach Farms. Not a 5 star pace but it's clean and the food is good. The people are cheerful and helpful too.

Donsol has dark sand but it is fine and swim-able.

That night, we went Firefly watching. To have this, inquire at the DOT office. It is located beside Vuitton Resort. They charge 1,200.00 per boat. Max boat capacity 4 persons. Bring off lotion.

See fireflies in their multitude. Can't photograph them. Camera wasn't strong enough. Using flash might scare them. The night river tour with firefly watching is worth it. Ask your guide all sorts of questions, including scary stories!

  • Food costs around 150.00 per meal per person plus drinks. Tap water is potable and may be requested any time. If you have sensitive tummy, you can buy mineral.
  • Put lots of sunblock before going out of the sun.
  • There is a rocky span on the beach before the sandy part. Bring swimming shoes if you have them.
  • have Off-lotion in the night!

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