Monday, April 20

Donsol: Our Vacation in a World of Giants

Hi, Maita ere to share my travel experiences to Donsol. It's a Worth-it trip. If you have a Bucket list, this you must add. We swam with Giants and viewed some and became some!
I'm adding costs and tips to help you all out there what to expect. I know it helped me to read other people's experiences before travelling to places.

So at 5 am, we went to NAIA3 to board Cebu Pacific bound for Donsol. Got a good package. Make sure to eat a heavy meal in the terminal. Prices on board's a rip-off. c2 350ml is 50 pesos each. It only takes 45 mins so read the inflgiht magazine. By the time you're half way, it's time to land.

Day 1!
Giant 1- Mayon Volcano

We arrive at Legazpi Airport. Of course, we had to picture, picture right away. Mayon was getting cloudy on the spot.

Giant 2- Bell Tower

What was 4 tourists to do at 8am in the morning? See the sights!
We had to have more memories and we had to have it stored. With one trusty camera, we haggled the tricycle driver to drive us to the Cagsawa Ruins (Bell Tower) to view Mayon Volcano. We ended up with Super shooting galore with Kuya Rolly.

Trivia: Mayon Volcano has the most perfect cone in the world. It is still active. The most recent eruption was 1998. The Bell Tower still stand.
Giant 3- US! Take not: not photoshop! This picture is raw!
My tower! I'm not letting go!

  • Don't be afraid to haggle. These people are nice but they do want to make a profit. Haggle. They can understand Tagalog and bits of English. Trike ride from Airport-Cagasawa (30 mins)-Legazpi Terminal= 50/person.
  • There is a mall, Banks, and lots of restaurants in Legazpi. Try outunique restos and withdrw money here.
  • When in Cagsawa ruins, look for Kuya Rolly.(that's him, the thin guy) Give him your camera and ask him for a tour and take artistic shots. Give him tip= 100.00 It's worth it!
  • Wear sunblock!

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