Saturday, December 13

For the Love of Writing Party at Fort

Friday Night was a blast. For the Love of Writing Party was a success. With writers of all shapes and sizes attending, it was a blast. The party was mostly attended by NaNoWriMo people from the Pinoy WriMo Forum.
The Event was highlighted by (many times over) Don Carlos Palanca Award Winner Njel De Mesa and his Koine Theatre Group, the only intimate theatre group in the country, with their play SUBTEXT. It was funny and witty. Who knew a smiley face could have so much meaning! Mr. Njel also sang and promoted his single Kawangis ng Pasko. (Vote for it at You-tube!) It was so deep. As in nose-bleeding deep Tagalog. He'd make MLQ proud.

Of course, there were stpry readings since this is a writing event. Representative of Talecraft who wowed the crowed was Micheal Emil Luhico with his tale Unvampire. Another witty story. Loved it! The crowd loved it too!
Mia from Read or Die read a Dragon Lance-like except from her NaNoWriMo novel. It was a gory battle scene of carnage and death!
Then of course, we awarded the NaNoWriMo Challenge winners. Our trophy hats were sponsored by (AKA me. Yup, all those are handmade by me.)
I too felt my 51K words were worth it. Seeing people's faces as they came upfront and was awarded by a deep red hat with a gold brooch and a big feather that symbolized the month's achievements.
Of course there were publishers who came to talk about submission guidelines and to invite the writers to write professionally. Being published is the best outlet for the imagination. it's the writer's goal for writing!

Hopefully, there will be a For the Love of Writing Party 2 next year. This year, the Philippines has accumulated 4Million Plus words and about 57 people finished the 50K word challenge. Go Pinoy!

Our engaging hosts for the evening were Sara and Mark.

Me and sister Marie.

For the Love of Writing Party was sponsored by:
Kapitan Rufo's Cafe


Mia said...

Ah, the hats were lovely~

(Was it that gory? Haha. *clearly, has been playing far too many RPGs*)

Tina said...

Thanks again, Maita. :)

Maita said...

I'm so glad you guys like them.
Hope there's a part 2 happening soon. :-)

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