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Dayo: The Wanderer

Can you truly be a foreigner in your own home?

Sadly, yes. There are times when we Filipinos loose the sense of being Filipino. So, what is Filipinoness? Three of my professors in college posed this question to our class. What is Filipino in elements.

One even elaborated that is it because gawa-pinoy that already make it proudly Philippine made?
Sadly, we are losing the sense of Filipinoness. We are losing our identities. We are loosing what made the foreigners wish to come to us in the first place. Media has eaten away our being loyal, friendly, warm and hospitable traits. Now, Dayo is using the media to revive it.

Last Friday, me and my sister were invited to the viewing of Dayo. Haha, we did our hair and fussed over what to wear when they told us red carpet event. When we got there, oh dear, we were over dressed. Everyone was in jeans and t-shirt. So much for Red carpet. At least we got to walk on it.

The movie is rated G for all audience. Yes, it's a family movie. Don't worry, adults can relate. The story is pretty much straight forward. Simple but good. I'm glad they didn't sacrifice the story just for the sake of having a digital animated movie.
Story: **** 1/2 (0ut of 5)
Dialogue: ***1/3
(would have been great except the yaya-nangals repeat themselves)
Music: *****
(Great sound effect! Perfect timing! Love the Theme! Love Joey Ayala!)
Effects: ***
Cinematography: ****
2d: ****
3d: **
Sadly, the pasting of 2d and 3d did not mesh well. Buboy's childhood nearly looks like one big donut add. My critique is that the school needs work. The school itself is boring, there is not much details except the TJ hotdog booth which looked pasted on. Everywhere else was cool.

So, what makes it Filipino? Aside from 100% gawa-Pinoy factor, the story, the set and the elements.

The story is set in modern day Pilipinas. Probably Antipolo or near since that's what is says in the jeepney. Then, it shifts to Elementalia, the world beyond/under/within the one Buboy is living in. Buboy, the star is your supposedly typical boy. Maybe I should say he's not the typical boy. What is typical today do shift and the creators of Dayo probably wants to bring back what a typical Pinoy boy should be: magalang, matulungin and malambing sa pamilya. He is raised by his grandparents and is struggling from bullies in school. Meet Ana, your never-typical mananang-girl! Who would have thought to use one as a star? She's slang, hip (not literally) and very helpful trait we should revive.

Lolo Nano may not be Lola Bashyang but he is wise and has lots of word of wisdom to share. There is Narsi, the narcisitic tikbalang who is oh-so-cool. Because Buboy was able to subdue him and get a hair, he is bound to Buboy until the next rainfall. An old lore which is not widely circulated. He then forms a friendship with Buboy and Ana and helps them in their task. There are so many creatures of lore in Elementalia, I'll leave the audience to find out.

So, what makes it believable? Yeah, it's a world beyond ours. But details are details. Look at Buboy's world for example. There's the jeep with controls resembling airplanes. There's the telephone poles na parang bulati hanging. He's got a picture of the last supper and those big wooden utensils in the dining area. His room has lots of posters. There are pictures of his achievements int he sala for all the world to see. We can see that Filipinos have a deep sense of religiosity. He makes the sign of the cross before jumping into the water and he prays before going to bed.

Ever heard of a capre who talks bisaya? You'll have to hear it! Bobuy can't understand but you should if you are really Filipino. Why? Because 90% of Pinoys speak it or even understands bits of it.

Do you have a protective parent? That's another Filipino trait. Although this parent is very workaholic, he does it to protect Ana and his world. The Yaya-nangals are not Ana's parents but they treat her like a daughter. Lolo Nano too treats her like family.

What may have been Typical Filipino culture is slowly dying because of foreign media. I'm glad Dayo is trying to revive it. A part 2 should be in order. Elementalia offers a setting where the younger children can unleash their creativity.

I'll let you get your own details on the production at:

Thanks to everyone at Dayo! We had a wonderful time at the studio and at the red carpet event! More power to you and to everyone involved in creating a wonderful masterpiece!

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