Tuesday, June 3

Spec Fic Questions

1. If you were a Super Hero, what would your powers be? (Powers must not exist in any published works)

I'd sweat bullets. Literally.
My super special move is called the BasKill- As in basa kilikili (wet armpit). It's like a machine gun from my pits.

2. In the Year 2059, you are the top scientist of (whatever field you choose). The World Leaders ask you to implement a plan to control population growth. What's the plan?

As the leading pediatrician in the world, I'd put something on the OPLAN-Alis Disease drops given freely to children. This makes them barren. Only when they are able to support themselves comfortably will the Health Office give them another shot that would allow them to give birth to one healthy offspring. Each female will be given a maximum of three shots=3 babies only.
This will not only alleviate population overgrowth but also poverty and unwanted pregnancies.

Why is the choice given to females, because (this is based in my country only) right now, the lower class keeps saying they did not have a choice, that it was the man's choice. Then, now it will be their choice to get the shot that would give them a baby or not.
Women who have unwanted pregnancies live their whole lives trying to pay for their mistakes. Some who have no help from family spend everything they have for the children. Food, clothing and education. There is no more recreation and family life. At times, they go OFWs just to send money home.

3. If there was a point in History you can change, what would it be? What would the result of the change be today?

I'd make sure Miguel Lopez de Legaspi does not take Tondo.

I'm pretty sure soon, there would be other conquerors who would ravage the Philippines but at least the hold on Intramuros would not be as strong.

If I can't make that happen, I'd make sure Bonifacio survives. He will bide his time and groom his descendants to be good leaders, self-less leaders who would take over the government and turn it around.

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