Monday, June 16

Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony is one of my favorite books. It is a Carpathian Book by C. Feehan.
Antonietta Scarletti is a rich heiress but wealthy in her own right. She is a pianist and composer. Whatever businesses she touches, turns to gold. One thing though, she is lonely. The people in her life want only her money including her family.
There is murder, conspiracy and scandal in every step of a Scarletti life but she has to over come it.
For one thing, she is blind.
Another thing, she is psychic.
Not a bad combination.
Just Mix Byron Justicano into the equation.
Byron Justiccano is a Carpathian Artisan turned Hunter. The moment he heard Antonietta's Music, he vowed to court her and make her his lifemate. Now, to be able to keep her and protect her, he must face the same intrigues that plagues the Scarletti.

Saw the Book trailer. Here is it.

My personal comment: Get a real Pallazzo. Her music room is separate and it connects to Antonietta's bedroom. This music room is just a piano under the stairs!!!
Another thing is, GET A FASHION CONSULTANT! Hello! She is a rich heiress, designer clothes and all. He's Carpathian with a good body. Get some slim fits or flat fronts. Get a CRISPY shirt!
Girl, you need make-up. This is a shoot. A bit of fake-ness, needs dramatic eyes, lips and put a bit of blush. Get a hair dresser too. Your hair looks like Morticia Adam's wig.
Dancing, making out? This trailer needs more intrigue. The threat needs to be deadlier than just a the camera angles.
Dark Possession was a good trailer. Dark Destiny too. I liked how that was narrated while the action was taking place. I didn't like any of the rest.

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