Tuesday, February 12

I'm Going to Miss You...

When I threaten to run away, there are two places I always said I would go: to Diko in India to visit the Elephants or to Nanay in the Big House. I would always gather my underwear and my fave shirt and bundle it in a lampin and set it on a stick like the cartoons.

Suddenly for the past two years, I have the urge to go home. Yes, I went home three times. I lived with Nanay and had fun. She was quirky, strict but a whole lot of fun.

This year, I had the privilege to really go bonding with her. She told us of her past "loves", recent "loves" and all her fond memories. She teased us non-stop and was "game" to do anything. We went swimming, eating, talecrafting, and all me and my sibs can do in the month-long stay we had with her.

I went home Sunday morning and opened the door to the house to be surprised by Jade with an odd expression in her face. She had tears but her mouth looked like she was laughing or making a joke. The annoying Jade just spilled it. I can't believe it of course.
She was just kicking it! Now she kicked it!

I went to my phone and saw Ate Faith's messages. Now what? Really? I can't believe it! No! But she was so lively and vibrant!
Then I thought... wait a minute! It's ballroom night! Did she see her unfortunate Leo and maybe suffered a broken heart because she still felt something for him? Did Rei Balundoy kiss her and sent her swooning?
I'm sad but why can't I bring myself to get sad? I felt sad but at the same time I felt she must be happy. Like it must really be time.

Memories float to me and it just makes me smile instead. It was always a funny or happy memory with her. I know she was so proud of us all. The day I went home after 4 years and surprised her, she was surprised although mom already told her we would stay with her. I told her I was Cum Laude. She looked like a queen. Then I showed her my accomplishments. She wanted to sue the school when she learned I crossed a bamboo bridge by myself on top of a mountain with no railings or anything. Then i was not home at 5pm, she was panicking already.

I would never forget the stories she told us. About the mysterious Mutya ng Tubig, her love stories, her funny relatives, the American soldier who wanted her, Tatay and his quirks. They were meant for each other! Her break with Leo and how she found Rei. Yu think she was a school girl!

I would never forget her lessons too. How she valued education above all. How she wanted us to cease the day, take any experience we can get. Go travel! Go try something new! She did! Go take up a hobby! He diet program: chew like a goat!

I would never forget you!


Dominique said...

Hi, Maita: heard about the sad news last Sunday. My condolences. I'm glad I was able to meet her.

Maita said...

Thanks. You know, she liked you a lot. Kept teasing you too.
I'm going to miss her to the max!

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