Thursday, September 13

Frustrated Designer

My boss told me yesterday that i had to stick to basic designs. Super Basics. As in no more ruffles, no more pleats here and folds there. This picture right up here is the epitome of her perfect design.
How am i supposed to put my personality into my creations?
For one thing, I pick out groovy prints. There are other of my groovy designs that sells. There are a handful which don't. My boss thinks the market is not ready to accept them yet. Being a full-figured, I design what i wish to wear. Stylish, faltering clothes.
Philippines isn't exactly a land where being big is being embraced. The markets is still scared of daring clothes. Not that ruffles and super puffs are daring enough. I sure hope I can tell these girls that men's shirt is not fashion AT ALL. Even a size 20 can get away with skinny jeans.
Carry lang, girl!

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