Tuesday, September 11

Dark Possession

My much awaited Carpathian is finally here! Yes, Manolito De La Cruz has his own book!. After being mentioned in a couple of books and being such a hero in Dark Celebration, he finally has a story of his own.

For a man who thinks his life is worthless, he sure is still bossy. Most Carpathians are, I'm afraid. Christine Feehan has added another facet to the world of the Carpathians. Her work is evolving and I'm loving every second of it.
In the last book, (my favorite Dark Celebration) Manolito discovers he is close to tuning vampire. He had to get away but then he hears something, senses light. He is drawn to Destiny's best friend, a human named MaryAnn Delaney. She is under Gregori and Nicolae's protection so he cannot touch her.
So, he bites her and erases the memory. Not too gentleman, huh? The guy was desperate. Then, he hinted to Rafael to invite MaryAnn to counsel Jasmine and Solange. MaryAnne is a Councilor for battered women. Jasmine and Solange, by the way, are Riordan De La Cruz's lifemate's family.
So, after the death of Manolito, Rafael and his brothers holds on to his soul and would not let go. They force it back to his body and Gregori sets to heal him.
Enter Dark Possession! Set in the thickness of the Amazon rain forest, MaryAnn searches where in the world did the De La Cruz brothers bury the tall dark stranger? She had to find him no matter what. Why? MaryAnn doesn't know.
But is MaryAnn who she really says she is? just a human councilor for battered women? How come she has a compulsion in her voice? She claims she is not psychic yet the animals and the wind follow her every call. What about Manolito? What is happening to him? He is stuck halfway between the land of the living and the dead. he knows only MaryAnn is his salvation... or destruction.
What of the Malinov Brothers? An Razvan and Xavier. Amidst coming to terms with his life mate, Manolito must also uncover a plot to assassinate the prince. A plot he though up of and now, the Malinov brothers are implementing. With two brothers dead, Kirja and Maxim, there are still three powerful Master Vampire and an army of undead to defeat. Not to mention the wizards and the Jaguar-men. So many things happening in so little time. The book is really action packed!

Spoilers: MaryAnn is a Lycan. Manolito becomes half Lycan by the end of the book. But all will end well.

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