Sunday, November 6

Two worlds in a vacation

you know me... I'm a person living in two worlds.
Not autistic I assure you. There is just a million possibilities tha tI might be here where I am typing but am. Weird?
When I went Japan last yerar, my sister introduced me to the world of Diana Wynne Jones. I was in Japan but also in the world of wizard, witches and magic! Yes, books takes me elsewhere. I have to read. And read I did. What would you do in a train for 1 hour going to your destination and another hour back? Read!
I'm supposed to have a break but no! I'm drawing, patterning, draping and typing. Then, IU read from 9pm to 1am. Once I read til 2:30am! Hehehe. Thick paper back book with controvercial magical issues isn't letitng me sleep. Hehehe.
I was in powebooks when there was a sale. A lot of pocket bookswere just 80 pesos each. cool! I bought three and now finishing my second. Original price was 335.00. It says so at the back but the sale made it only 80.00! Too bad part II and III are not available. I went online to find them. They are available in Amazon. If you have a Librathing, you may see me. I use the name Maita. Check it out and catalogue your books!
Now, for my overview of the world Aqusilva and te book Heresy, check out my book review blog:
I have a map of Aquasilva to let you all understand the geography. It pretty hard to understand if you didn't see the map. Just click the link here:
So, I'm at Aquasilva during my late nights while back in Earth the rest of the time. Oh well...
Living two worlds isn't that easy. My aunt once told me my brain had too much activity. She had to take out a lot of energy but it still refused to rest. My uncle joined in taking off the energy but it still won't work. I just hope it comes handy during a test. Though it works in a different way.

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