Tuesday, November 15

Can you SEE it? Not in PGH

Kaye and I went to PGH to get her eyes checked. At the reception area, we inquired. It's 400.00 per check up but there is a charity clinic at the Opta department. After getting lost for one hour, we finally get tot he Opta. Then, the guard said there is a procedure for charity patients. We must first get a blue card and all that jazz procedues. Then, he says its not possible to do anything this week for the power in the building is out and they will not do anything until next week. So we inquired to get the paying type. "Ay, soorii ma'am. La kaming private Opta dito."
Poop! You won't find an opta in PGH!
Sayang Pamasahe! Sayang sa effort. The receptionist could have said there was no Opta na private and the charity Opta isn't there until next week.
Kasi govenment run eh!
Poor Kaye.
I hope OK laser surgery niya tonught.


vic said...

I've just read what you've written about me.. don't usually surf the net really long..
i care less if other people don't see my efforts of being a great person..
At the end of it all, i feel better knowing i've helped..
Appreciated or not, the point is i did what i can..

Maita said...

go vic!

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