Monday, July 4

I'm Me

This is who I am...
I am
"... if only because no matter what you do, no one will ever think the things about you that you want them to think. What you do has to done because of how you’ll feel about you.”
-Deep Wizardry
I am Maita and I am what I am. If being who you are is a choice then this is my choice. I love beilieving in things people call myths. I think there are some truth to the matter. I love ice cream and chocolate. I love reading. Books that intrigue me are fantasy books. Elis Peter's Cadfael is the only book not too fantasy but I love. Historic books and pre-historic subjects as good too. I love Dinosaurs. I like to learn about them. I like fashion but I'm not too keep up with the fad.
I don't like being put down. I hate people who are discriminative. I disagree with people who don't take a bath when they have a chance. I hate corruption and deciet.
When I grow up, I want to be set apart from the rest. I want to be recognized and make it good in the world.
I love to unwind by typing my stories. Soon, I hope to publish a few books. I just have this parallel universe of stories. This is where I base most of my drawings.
I hope to enter into numerous business not just fashion.
I do teacup divining and dream prophecy. I try to study aura reading and palmistry.
Like mysteries, the more you try to explain them, the more they become vague. So don't warp me into something explainable because I am what I am.

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