Wednesday, December 30

To firecrackers or not to firecrackers...

Is that a question?

There are some places in the Phil that doesn't allow firecrackers and for good reason.
They don't make firecrackers like they used to anymore. It more destructive and it ends quicker. The only firecracker for me is sparklers. Only sparklers.
They don't make sounds. They only light up and twinkle. There are some sparklers which are nasty and stinky and they occasionally explode.

Yesterday, I saw a pot-bellied man set-up a table selling firecrackers of the worse kind. Everything cheap and easy was piled high on the table. Then directly behind it, (as in!) he was cooking sidewalk foods. Open flame, mind you. While he let his dish simmer, he lit up a cigarette. Three steps away three children about five or six-ish were lighting up Pop-pops and throwing them around. this was in a depressed area so the streets were the only place to place. they threw it indiscriminately to the streets. THIS WAS A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN!

So, constant vigilance to fire fighters and ordinary folks. Looks like they're spending new year on top of the fire truck.

Tips peeps: Don't spend too much on fire crackers. They're not worth it anymore. When you buy them, keep your candles controlled and at a safe distance for houses, dried plants and anything flammable. This will include electric poles!
Wear a tight jacket and some thick gloves if you can.
Wash up after handling fire crackers. You might not die of an explosion but ya can dies of poisoning.

Happy New Year!

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