Saturday, May 30

Grieving my Alonzo

How can I explain how I feel?
He was my angel. I half expect him to be just around the corner but that would be impossible since I buried him.

Last night, I had a dream about Alonzo. We were stuck on a drifting ice in the middle of the sea. The ice was cracking but we had to paddle to any direction to get to land. I lay resting, cold from the ice while my Alonzo paddled. Later, he rested and I took over paddling.
How very Lonzo-cat. He would always be the most loyal companion.
One thing about this kitty, he thinks he's a watch dog. Sometimes he smells like one.

Peculiar things about my Lonzo:
  • he's got a goaty.
  • he has 6 fingers on the front and 4 at the back.
  • he responds to his name.
  • his fave food is cheese and chicken
  • he demands a pillow to lie on.

I'm missing you, baby cat!

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