Friday, October 3

Book Trailers and Feehan

I just noticed something. Feehan loves people who are awake in the night and men who are both lovers and predators. They always have to be described as predators, more animal than man.

And I only like three trailers from all her trailers. Dark Possession, Dark Destiny and Safe Harbor. All the others suck! They have awful fight scenes and girls who look older than the men!


COS Productions said...

Feehan chooses the actors and she helps train for the fight scenes. Since she trained self defense for nearly 20 years she's a natural.

Not everyone will love every book just like not everyone will love every trailer. I've seen blogs where none of these three are listed as "favorites".

Like any entertainment medium the trailers are up for criticism and opinions are based on subjective likes and dislikes.

The books are wonderful. Regardless of whether you like the videos or not, the books are hitting the bestseller lists and getting even more popular each year. I love her books and I hope people will give them a try.

And I'm so happy that there are at least 3 that you found that you liked.


Maita said...

Yeah, I love those three.
Good choice of actors and my sis said the cinematography is ok.
Effects are good too. Not too much and well placed.

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