Saturday, May 3

Move Over Man of Steel!

Move over Supes, Steel can't beat this Iron flat!

*Warning! Spoilers and Details of the Movie!*

Genius playboy Tony Stark of Stark Industries is captured by terrorists and is forced to make one of his weapons for them. Due to a blast, his heart was raptured by shrapnels. Only a car battery is helping him alive. With superhuman genius expertise, he makes a sort of heart using his dismantled torpedoes. For three months, he and another weapons expert work to make an iron suit to escape. He escapes but his friend lost his life buying Tony time.
When he got back to the states, he sets his time cleaning up.

You'll love this guy. Especially in press conferences. He always makes a one liner that rocks the world!
First he said he was stopping weapons manufacturing. That dropped the stock market by 56%!
The highlight of the movie was the ending line he gave! No super hero in this planet could ever beat that!
"The truth is... I'm Iron Man!"
That was the bomb!

Some people might think Tony Stark is not a relateable character. Nerdy Peter Parker or even Mild Mannered Clark Kent are the relateable types. But don't you ever look at CNN and see the war on Iraq or the trouble in Afghanistan and wish you could do something. To all Americans, how do you feel about your taxes funding the military to perfect weapons and kill other races so they can be "pacified." Then also learn the same weapons sold to the terrorist so that they can counter the American attacks?
The beginning of the movie felt like Micheal Moore's Fahrenheit documentary. Then it felt like Batman Begins when he was in society and out flirting with girls. It got its own flair when he was testing his little project. Tony's gadgets have a humor of their own.

In a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a nine point five. It's a definite Barkada and Family movie.
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