Tuesday, March 25

100 Books in 25 years

Two years ago, I picked up a book in BookSale Greenhills entitled Wind Walker. I wanted to read something, anything interesting. I was currently reading Young Adults and Fantasy. Wind Walker was a big step. It was Romance, History, Action and Adventure all in one. I found it funny, warm and romantic.

It had appeal. Weeks later, at another Booksale tour, I found Silver Wing. now, I have over three dozen Cassie Edwards Books.

I began to understand her style. I did some research and found out that she focused on Native American Romances. She has three non-NAm but still in the Historical Romance category.

Some may find the Edwards Style redundant. There must always a strong-willed Caucasian girl and a Native American Chieftain (or son of the Chieftain). It's love at first sight. The conflict comes outside the relationship. It can be the father of the girl, the ex-suitor, the towns people or nature. They pull through it and ends up in a wedding or if the wed early on in the story, a child.
The chieftain's Archetype is always a Gentleman Savage. He is viewed by society as a savage, uneducated heathen but he is actually more chivalrous than the people who view him. The heroine is strong in will but weak in body. She usually falls under tomboy or ingenue. Both characters are internally good. They love each other and just can't stop kissing. (Yup, Romance demands it!) Yes, some find it mushy but Edwards adds history and Native American culture into the story. Each story actually has its own flavor.

After publishing a Historical Romance book, her publisher asked her to write Native American Romance. Since then, she concentrated on various tribes, researching the background, customs and history. After publishing her first few American Indian Books, Edwards' grandfather told her that she had a full-blooded Cheyenne Grandmother.

Savage Skies, released in August 2007, is her 100th book. What I admire about Edwards is that she started writing at age 45. Goes to show that age isn't a barrier in writing. After 25 years of writing, she still holds her audience captivated.

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